From the moment the security assistant robotically says ‘have a safe flight’ I can’t stop but wonder, what would happen if I don’t? 
I mean, first of all, having a safe flight does not quite depend on me. It is not my responsibility to fly this machine over the skies; however, it is my responsibility and duty as a sane, logical human to not open the emergency exit mid-air.

But still, I wonder…

If the engine caughts fire or a lunatic opens the emergency exit in the middle of the ocean and we are forced to land on an island, who would I be?
 Which character would I play among the other 20 passengers aboard this wanna-be plane? That if everybody survives the crash.

My gut (and my 3rd grade teacher) tells me I’d be a leader. But my gut also tells me there will be more than three selfish, egocentric persons aboard, waiting for weeks to pass in this upcoming lawless island in order to unleash their inner savage.

How could I fight them? 
How could I protect the powerless if I have no power myself? 
Would someone be like me, a good-doer?
 Would someone follow me if I set a sand-path to follow? Or would they make the sea wash it away and kill me instead?
Would anybody help find Missing Flight #230 before the passengers forget who they were before the crash?

I wonder…